As a textile artist, I think in terms of form, design and color. My aesthetic sense speaks to everyday thoughts and inspirations  - frustrations and joy - life events. 

A professional background in weaving and graphic design influences the treatment of my textile work by blending together a sharp design sense for composition and line, along with all the textural components of fiber.

The method of an interlaced structure becomes a ballast in my work. Warp and weft form a grid (and a network) that develops the basis of my visual language.

I use a frame (pin) loom and incorporate hand-stitched design elements to compose mostly small scale art. I prefer using my hands over machinery. Recent works reflect my interest in using a woven grid as a foundation to create, however I explore other forms of textile expression as well, including wedge weavings, embroidered wall hangings, and wet felted wall hangings, vessels and jewelry.